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Bethnal Green Meeting House is a small church at the 

crossroads of the world. We are a United Reformed Church.



The people you’ll meet here come from all continents,

backgrounds and traditions.


We don't have a minister at the moment so services are led by members of the congregation and visiting speakers who are sympathetic to our values and belief in justice for all.



We believe that no-one should be separated from the love of Christ, so we welcome people of any nationality, ethnic group, background and sexual orientation.



Our Sunday morning services mainly consist of quiet reflective services in which everyone is invited to contribute to the discussion if they want to. We also occasionally have All Age Worship,

and Communion services.

Please note - services are now taking place on Zoom

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement - discussed and decided by members of our church congregation:

Our mission is to grow as a community of individuals

inspired and motivated by the word of God

and the actions of Jesus;

a church at the crossroads of the world,

welcoming, supporting and listening to every kind of person;

in order to speak, and do, the truth of Christ for our world,

our different communities, Bethnal Green and each other.

We hope to see you again!

Check back later for new updates to our website.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN RENTING THE CHURCH SPACE PLEASE GET IN TOUCH VIA THE WEBSITE. (Please note - it is not suitable for a playgroup, crèche or nursery.)

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