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What's going on in our Church spaces?


Are you interested in hiring a space?

Just off Bethnal Green Road, on Pott St, Bethnal Green Meeting House URC is a two minute walk from Bethnal Green Station. The area is on the ground floor and is accessible for wheelchair users. The main space can seat approximately 30 people. Once the folding doors to this space are opened seating capacity can be expanded to fit 60. It is a large, calm and tranquil space with high ceilings. With great acoustics, this space is ideal for musicians and singing groups to practice. From yoga and Pilates to aerobics classes and support groups this space is suitable for a variety of different groups. We also have some rooms available which would be suitable for counselling or listening services. Please note - the space is not suitable for a playgroup, crèche or nursery. 

For more information and rates, please contact the Administrative, Lettings and Caretaking Officer at or enquire via the 'Contact Us' page.

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